White Elephant

White Elephant  Available in paperback and ebook at Amazon.

Loathing, fear, sad, love, coherent, incoherent, drugs, images, strange, disturbing, poems, happiness, thoughts, death, violence, stories, babbling, hope, joy, relationships, observations, rants, haikus, depressing, disturbing images; White Elephant.



It was never the same after the flavor

       left our mouths teething

And the way colors continued bleeding

       until they were bled from our eyes

When staring at the ocean, you wouldn’t understand why

And staring at the ceiling might as well be staring at the sky

There are no more whispers now,

       only softly spoken cries

And there are no more reasons,

       only questions wondering why

The beaches might as well be dried

       from the seas, that have all gone awry

But this machine churns this fervent sly

       and it does make hamburger meat both day and night

To return home to what you know, the neigh and nigh,

       cannot be done, but is as easily conceived as,

thoughts of suicide



The wind blows hard on this cold day

and how I wish I were dandelion seeds,

to another place I would go, taken away.

Like little specs of glitter blowing,

tiny specs of hope floating in this disarray.

Oh, what beautiful madness—take me with you,

I’ll only observe, watching in awe, I won’t get in your way.

Besides, the wind hammers and pounds,

blows down, tears down and crushes most things anyway.

Look how it flows, a beautiful ecstasy that’s filled,

filled with hopes and dreams—all swaying.

And as I watched the wind turn from a breeze into a tornado,

I was filled with sorrow that I wasn’t a part of the show.

Such passion and wild excitement, such purpose and delight,

Such beauty in destruction; happiness without conviction.

As plain as day I watched you feed your rage,

not caring about who and the other w’s, because I know how.

Such a spectacle, what a crowd—fit for a gloomy day.

And I watch in amazement, wondering when you’ll wear down,

but after all this time I have to assume that you won’t,

and though I don’t hate you for  what you’ve become, it’s no more fun,

and I’m not sticking around—I’m afraid you’ll take down the Sun.



A dash here and a dabble there

Pretty laces and bows, tussle your hair

Bleached and pure, you walk your plank

There is only love, make no mistake

Your eyes glisten and glow

Now go forward, put on a show

La di da’s

and ooh la la’s,

encompass your globe

In life there are things that wilt or grow

There is no cause for concern

For certain you must know

When you walk that path

It is a one-way road

White Elephant is Available in paperback and ebook at Amazon.



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