My Mirror

My Mirror


There’s a gnat flying

around in the depths of

my stomach, trying

hard not to be shit

out the other side,

and his wings

are fueled by

hopes and dreams


And all the rejections

and heartaches and

emotional pains I’ve

had to swallow,

comes down like a

hail storm of broken

glass for the only

part of me left that

still feels like it’s flying


But I can’t stop

chewing on my mirror

because it tastes like

nothing I’ve ever had

before, and it keeps me

going back for seconds


© Copyright Volatalistic Phil 2013, Crushed Black Velvet


It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I’ve written an update, okay, so maybe a month? Anyhow I thought I would check in for anyone that may be interested. I’m working on releasing a new publication called White Elephant. It’s 144 pages with poems, haikus, rants, incoherent stuff, coherent stuff, sadness, strangeness, and two or three disturbing images. Really, I think the description does a good job at summing it up: Hatred, loathing, fear, sad, love, coherent, incoherent, drugs, images, strange, disturbing, poems, happiness, thoughts, death, violence, stories, babbling, hope, joy, relationships, observations, rants, haikus, depressing, disturbing images; White Elephant.

So that’ll be coming out soon and for paperback I think I’ll start it off at $3.99 so if you happen to be interested, you can get a White Elephant for really cheap! And like all of my publications have been thus far, this one is also adult audience intended.

I’m also currently working on another project about my experience being homeless. I’ll be done with it soon, but I’m not yet sure when I’ll have it released to you wonderful people. All that I can tell you right now is that it was the most advanced and most civilized society that I was blessed with the opportunity to experience.

I’m also about to release the print version of Flash Fiction 40+1: New Mexican Bread Aisle, probably on or around the same time as White Elephant.

I leave you all with something from White Elephant. I love you all! Help take care of each other!


It was never the same after the flavor

       left our mouths teething

And the way colors continued bleeding

       until they were bled from our eyes

When staring at the ocean, you wouldn’t understand why

And staring at the ceiling might as well be staring at the sky

There are no more whispers now,

       only softly spoken cries

And there are no more reasons,

       only questions wondering why

The beaches might as well be dried

       from the seas, that have all gone awry

But this machine churns this fervent sly

       and it does make hamburger meat both day and night

To return home to what you know, the neigh and nigh,

      cannot be done, but is as easily conceived as,

thoughts of suicide