Published on 12/31/2011 The Most Amazing Product available at Amazon.

A short story

An eerie tale with twisting words and phrasings. What happens when a man enters into suburbia with one goal in mind to spread around the most amazing product? What is the most amazing product? How will people react when given the opportunity to experience it? This is a short story of 3,600 words.  Adult audience intended.

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Published on 09/12/2012 Mr. Harry Blight available at Amazon.

“It was a somewhat chilly mid-afternoon in the middle of November. And down at the hospital it was a typically busy day; phones ringing, typewriters typing, and on that special occasion, you could hear the facility’s janitor singing, while he was cleaning.

At the little bus stop just across the street sat a handful of children who were laughing and smiling happily. They were all eagerly awaiting the afternoon bus, hoping to make it to school before the bell was dinging. Some of them were already warmly wrapped in brightly colored plush; undoubtedly the work of a mother fearing their child might come down with a feverish disgust…

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