My Mind’s Abyss

Published on 10/7/2011. On sale now, $2.99 ebook  at Amazon.

Have you ever wondered what the life of an addict was like? Take a journey with one troubled person into the unknown. Experience the many ups and downs of life while on a path towards enlightenment. Could there be more to life than just sex, drugs, crime and parties? Dive into the abyss with the life of an alcoholic and enjoy a non-stop, humorous, thrill ride that will stun you. Take a look through the eyes of a troubled person that decided to face reality and get sober. Contained is a raw story with some sometimes harsh opinions and views.

Author Note:

My Mind’s Abyss is a fiction book that was written with the intent to inspire change in some people. It was meant to help some people to possibly understand someone who is struggling with addictions and possibly help with some information that could benefit them. It was also intended to provide some help to those who may be struggling with addictions, to let them know that they’re not alone and that someone else has been through the turmoil. The book overall is filled with many stories that I hoped would be both enjoyable and sometimes relatable to my readers. There are some sometimes harsh opinions and views expressed, but it was never intended to cause offense to anyone. This book is meant for entertainment.

For a FREE sample, click here! Or go to Amazon.

Anything additional and associated with the book will be located in the section; photographs, images, certain audio files and more.

It is empty for now, but I’m working hard to get things rolling and getting his photos and music files uploaded. Trying to find a place that I can host them for the time being. Thank you.



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