Burned to Death

(From the 3rd book in my unpublished poetry series)

Burned to Death

The fan cowl for
my Nissan broke &
my car would overheat
without it—so an electric
fan was a cheaper
temporary fix,
but I didn’t know
much about cars
and wiring

I ran the wires
direct to a toggle
switch and to the battery,
with the wires
going behind my

My passenger
window was broken &
wouldn’t go down,
and the door wouldn’t
open from the inside

On lunch break at
work, I went to the
Burger King drive-thru;
I was waiting in the line
when all of the sudden
I saw smoke coming
from behind my dash
oh shit! I thought as
I looked around trying
to see where it was
coming from

I turned off the car
and the smoke continued
I tried to turn off
the toggle switch
but it wouldn’t budge
and was melting
before my eyes,
burning my fingers
in the process

I was fucking trapped;
the only door that
would open, couldn’t
open because I was up
against the wall of the
building’s drive-thru
& I was far too fat to
squeeze through
the window

The whole time as
smoke filled my
car, I was praying
& shitting bricks—
thinking I was going
to burn to death,
thinking there was no
way I could ram the
car in front of me
out of the way;
no way to back-up,
no way to turn
the car to the right
in that alley—
no escape

By the grace of God,
I was able to get
at the wires running
to the back of the
toggle switch by
breaking a part of
my dashboard;
I yanked on the
melted wires & had
luckily pulled them
off of the battery

To date, those were
the best fucking
hamburgers I
ever had,
let me tell you


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