Special Thanks to My Readers

Ello everyone! I just checked my mail and found a thank you letter from RoadRunner Food Bank for my donation a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my readers though. A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending Andrea’s Speak Poet! (A venue where poets get to feature and also participate in open mic and go up and share their words with the always amazing audience). I was fortunate enough to be able to donate some of my books in exchange for donations from members of the audience. In exchange for their donations they received a free copy of one of my books and all the proceeds went to benefit RoadRunner Food Bank of New Mexico (an organization involved with over 600 charities in the state, helping to provide food to those in need struggling with hunger).

Again, I’d like to thank Andrea and RoadRunner Food Bank for this amazing opportunity to help, and PNM for matching dollar for dollar in the month of December up to $32,000. And of course, a very special thank you to my readers who helped to make this possible. I wish you all very happy holidays and a great new year.


Much <3,

Volatalistic Phil


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