It’s been a while, I think, since my last scribbling, writing, screaming into an empty space…since I’ve last written a blog entry. Anyhow… so what’s been going on? Okay…

grad2Well, I had a graduation walk for an Associates degree a couple of weeks back…which made me feel like an asshole for walking for a half-degree. I mainly did it for the folks because they wanted to see it, otherwise, I wouldn’t have. The saddest story not told that day was the one about how my graduation cap read: “Made in El Salvador”, which, made me feel even worse.

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Writing: I’m still chugging right along, still writing and writing. I’m still submitting pieces of mine to various presses and so far have gratefully collected two rejection letters! Hooray! It does make me wonder though, if I should even bother with that, or just continue with self-publishing. I just feel that if fortunate enough to get on-board with a publishing house that it would greatly increase my chances of being read, but in all honesty, that doesn’t necessarily hold true. I guess it’s something I’ll have to continue exploring.

Jet Lag, a book that has been almost 9 months in the making… aww, I guess whoever said it (because it escapes me for the moment) –books are the children of men; Jet Lag is almost finished! I have a few more edits to make…but I’ll also be submitting that to various publishing houses as well. The process could be faster but I’ve been working on other writing projects, such as a book of Haikus, Paperweights, and another collection of poems tentatively being called White Wedding Lies. I’m sooooo aching and wanting to share some of these poems with you fine people, but I can’t! It makes things more complicated if I start publishing certain pieces from my collections (yes, they consider even publishing a poem on a blog as the item being published, which some houses will reject and others will accept but I’ll have to make note of it–and if I kept doing that, before long it’d all be published–that’s called the slippery slope argument for any pre-law or philosophy students =P)
This isn’t the official cover or title of the book, but I wanted to show you (my readers) something!

Over 300 pages! (Bukowski taught me how)


How it looks with the others!



insideIf you’re reading this, I hope I’m not dead. But if I am, then my life must have been a lot of fun, for me to write books to entertain you even after I’m gone. In whatever you do in this life, or the next one, just remember to carry on—carry on like the lullaby song.

-Volatalistic Phil

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I’m also still working on: The Transient (novel), Village 50 (novella), Mind Butter (spontaneous prose), Flash Fiction 40+1 (Volume 2) (flash fiction short stories), and three other TENTATIVE titles, My Mind’s Abyss: Aftermath (novel), and The Art of Dying (novel), Project Cure (novella). I can’t promise a delivery date on any of these, but I’m still writing even though I haven’t been publishing much lately.

My newest self-published title is: Mr. Harry Blight, a paranormal horror twisting short story of 6500 words–and it’ll be free from 12/22/12-12/26/12  so, if the world doesn’t end tomorrow, you can celebrate by picking up a FREE eBook copy from Amazon! If you like the story, please tell me so in a review! If you hate it, please tell me so in a review!

Health: Health-wise I’m doing great! I joined a gym and have been going six days a week! I’ve noticed great results and am having a blast! Since June I’ve lost 10 inches off of my waist, two shirt sizes, and 45 pounds! But I’m headed to the gym now, so I’ll have to post more about what’s been going on in my life, at a later time, because this post is already big enough. Anyhow, laugh at the short YouTube clip below, and be safe, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and so on.

Much Love <3,

Volatalistic Phil



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