I was outed in class

So, yeah, now that I’ve got your attention. It’s sort of a funny story, and I’m not offended by it; I was somehow outed in my sociology class a couple of days ago. Although I’m not LGBT, I’m honored that the guest speaker thought I was–after me having mentioned Whitman and Wilde. With that being said, I didn’t bring up Ginsberg or Burroughs. So, then I decided to tell an ex-girlfriend of mine, and I got a ‘wow’ type of response from that. So although I’m not LGBT, I can say that I’m LGBT friendly and have nothing against those lifestyles or lifestyle choices, and in fact, in my short story collection, Flash Fiction 40+1: New Mexican Bread Aisle, I have a story I’ll share with you now:

~ If You So Choose ~

   With his .45 to his head, he set free ancient demons. They sped away into the walls of his four cornered room. “I kissed the devil when I danced with you; you bred demons while I lay with the moon.” In order to understand who he was, you would have to know who he had been. To explain who he had been could be just as difficult or construed to be a sin. A lost soul, some might say. A friend in pain, perhaps that was true. He could have been the soggy morning after a calm storm of winter’s dew.  I’m not quite sure, to tell you the truth. It wasn’t that he had no interest in Ian, but I honestly don’t think he ever really knew him. He was a quiet man, and quite convinced, that he had found, his long lost prince. This type of discontent breeds when you throw your feelings around, childishly. It wasn’t his fault nor was it his friend’s, for not trying to, at least, make amends. Some things are left unexplained, so that you may help to fill the gap of the mundane and determine for yourself, what you believe, to be ordained.

   He was a man of any age, isolated, lonely and forgotten, for days. He could have been me, he could have easily been you, it’s amazing what you will find, if you so choose.


(And if you’re seriously interested in helping to make a donation to the organization and to learn how they’re helping the LGBT community in New Mexico, (but not just for the benefit of New Mexico) then send me a message or leave a comment with a way to message you back, and I’ll give you a link to the organization’s website.)

Much Love everyone! ❤

Volatalistic Phil



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