This is how it goes

The Usual Oi!: Hello everyone! I figured I’d stop by for a quick hello, hello, hi, hi. So what’s going on in my Volatalistic world… well… I got a regular job, though I think I mentioned that before–yeah, I succumbed to working a ‘real’ job. It’s not entirely bad, and at the end of the day they’re chill with me, they treat me fair, and they are incredibly accommodating with my school schedule–and to top it off–they were the only company calling me back for a job. So, I’m happy to report that my recently obtained Associate of Applied Science degree got me a minimum wage job =). And I’m grateful for it. I’m enjoying interacting with more people.

I’ve just been cranking away at school, but only three classes this term, because with writing, a small social life, and working, I didn’t want to overdo things (even though I can appreciate the excess).

I’ve recently started playing my guitars again and it feels great. It’s away to expand my creative energy, but also find some peace.

I’m still in a better place, a much better place than where I was in April after seeing that photograph of me in a newspaper interview. Seeing that photograph was part of a jolt that I needed to get me back into the world where I live and a little less time in the world where I exist. The other jolt I needed was a muse back in June, whom I’m thankful for. (And more recently a friend who moved back into town). I’ve lost 40lbs and 8 inches off of my waist since June, and am still going strong. It was a rut I was in since November of 2011 when my grandmother passed away. I’m grateful to be in a better place now. I’m getting back to the weight and shape I was before (before I gained the 45-50lbs), and plan to keep losing more by staying on track. It’s amazing how deep you can go into your mind and become so absorbed and so lost. I’m still sober and clean, although I almost relapsed back in June when I couldn’t score any painkillers. October 12th will be 1 year and 5 months clean and sober.

Writing: I’m still busy cranking away. I’m almost finished with my newest novel, The Transient, though, again, I’m not sure when I’ll release it, as I have plans to shop it around to publishing houses. I’d love to keep cranking out all my items on the self-publishing format, and I’m grateful to have that invaluable resource at my fingertips, but for me, aside from you wonderful few who’ve made your presence known, it hasn’t helped me to gain an audience. I know that’s how it goes, and as Bukowski said, everyone starts off unknown. I just feel that if fortunate enough to get on-board with a publishing house that I’ll have a greater chance of growing and expanding an audience. But hell, who knows, I could be chasing my own tail. I’m still having fun.

Thank you to everyone (USA, UK, and Germany) who took advantage of my free promotion giveaway for my newest twisting horror paranormal short story–Mr. Harry Blight. And a very special shout out to my friend Heather, who’s mentioned in the dedication, for being my reader ever since my first novel, My Mind’s Abyss, (making it almost a year now).


Anyhow, I’m gonna jet.

Much Love,

Volatalistic Phil


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