September Update!

Hello everyone! I’m still here, I promise! I’ve been busy, busy, lately, and I realize that it has been a while since I’ve posted some type of an update. I’m just checking in to let interested parties know that I’m still writing and still hard at work at getting more stuff out there.

I’ve written another novel, but it’s still far from complete–remember, editing is writing. I’m almost done with another new novel based off of my homeless experience I took to write the story. My poetry collection, Jet Lag, is still in the works, and I’m hoping to have about 100-125 poems in the 6 x 9 format, (it’ll be complete as soon as I’m done with all the sketches), and as as far as my poetry goes, I hope to push the boundaries and limits of what I’ve previously released, feeling like my previous work has been garbage. (I’d love to post a few of them on here, but I can’t). I also have two short stories, another one  in the works, Flash Fiction 40+1 Volume 2, a book of 300 haiku/senryu, a diary of my 13 day water fast, and a sudden prose collection of three long proems weighing in at about 12,000 words. I hope to be submitting my Novels, Flash Fiction 40+1 Volume 2 collection and two short stories to publishing houses, sometime soon. As far as the 13 day diary of my water fast, 3 proems, 300 haiku/senryu and one other short story, I’m not sure if/when I’ll have those released for self-publish.

On a side note

This college term I’m taking 5 classes and I’m working full-time, so it’s been rather busy and I think that’s just how it’s going to go. On the bright side though, by the end of summer, I’ll have four associate degrees! (That’s how long I’ve been taking classes in different areas!) But I’ll be pursuing a BA soon!

Mentally, I have been doing a lot better, far from how I had been feeling for such a long time. I’ve been getting out and exploring the world again, instead of staying inside all the time, trapped in my own world, writing. I’ve been eating better, getting back to the human thing, getting water and exercise, which is a plus because in just over two months I’ve lost 30lbs, although in part to that 13 day fast I did to help reset myself and to cleanse and detox. I’m in a happier place these days, when I leave my realm and visit yours, that is.

I’ve been smitten with this gal I’ll simply call Kaleidoscope Eyes, on account of the poem I wrote about her and her different mentions in Jet Lag and the diary of my 13 day fast. I’ve known her for about three months now, and I promise you I’m working hard for that first kiss, in all the ways that a poet can, in all the ways that I can; I’m rolling for broke. I showed up on her doorstep Sunday morning at 8 AM with breakfast. And (though it’s now officially Wednesday); this morning I got up at my usual 5:30 AM, but I didn’t have to, I did it so that I could get her a rose and breakfast. I put the rose on the windshield of her car, along with something I wrote for her. We’ve caught a few movies, we’ve caught some meals and she’s even cooked for me. (Which, if you’ve read my first novel, My Mind’s Abyss, was oddly enough, Green Chile Enchiladas). (My Mind’s Abyss is unavailable until an unspecified later date, it’s been submitted to some publishers). I made her a bracelet out of her favorite stones, and for fuck’s sake, I even won her five stuffed animals out of the movie theater claw machine! I’ve been featuring in some local places for my poetry and yeah, it’s hit or miss, but I got a chance to read Kaleidoscope Eyes to her in a room full of people.

I want to believe that my rejuvenation has come from my Self, but I’m having a hard time in doing so, and as Charles Bukowski has put it, we’re seldom as strong as what we create. But when I’m near her, something inside me smiles, something sings, and it’s something worth recognizing and something worth pursuing. It’s been going on two years since my last romantic relationship, but I think I’m waking up to the idea of being with someone, but not just anyone, I would like for it to be her, and if it doesn’t turn out that way, then I’ll still be me, I suppose. And I don’t know where things will be, as it’s one of those slow moving things, but that’s not bad. And ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ however it should turn out, I’m grateful for this experience.

Thank you for your continued love and support.

Much Love,

❤ Volatalistic Phil


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