Contest Update and More

Ello everyone! I’m just stopping by to give you all an update on what’s going on in my world. Well let’s see here… ah, yes. I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to enter into my contest. I’d also like to congratulate the winners who won a free paperback copy of my latest poetry/proetry collection, Scribbles. Congratulations to the winners! (All 5 who managed to pull it off inside the USA, in an international giveaway contest). Lol. You are all golden, every one of you.

Next: School has been going all right, I’m near the end of the semester hustle where there’s little time to do much of anything but panic. I’ve been working on school work and writing every day, which isn’t really anything new.

Next: I’m finishing up on Jet Lag, I’m planning for it to be in a 6 x 9 size of book, weighing in at about 250-270 or so pages of poetry (but well see, depending on everything).  I’ll not be releasing this collection as self-published, not if I have another opportunity, as I have plans to shop it around to some publishing houses, along with the second installment of Flash Fiction 40+1 and another novel. While I’d love to release them self-published right off the bat, like my other stuff; I feel that if lucky and fortunate enough to get on board with a publishing house that I’ll have a greater chance of expanding my reader audience (I still appreciate the readers I have and the new ones).

Last night, well, now technically two nights ago, er…it’s 1:17 AM right now, and this happened on Thursday… anyhow, on Thursday I was one of four features at a poetry read and it was rawesome. I had a great time listening to poets and meeting some of them. I enjoyed the crowd interaction and the environment. Thank you to everyone who showed up (if anyone from Albuquerque should actually read this and was there =P).

Anyhow, I think that’s it for now. (Are there any scorpion women lurking out there?) Stay awesome everyone!

Much Love <3,

Volatalistic Phil


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