All Right Meow

But seriously–it’s Sunday. Where do the days go? I can almost promise, no, I can almost guarantee you that it was Friday yesterday. Wasn’t it? Maybe it wasn’t, I’m not really sure. I’m in this free falling vessel of my own, and I’m looking around enjoying what I’m seeing on my way down. There are asteroids, blues, pinks, reds, oranges, all exploding around me. Every so often I find conversations that release me from my being, and I go somewhere else for the time being, making love on an asteroid that’s burning up in the atmosphere, and before I realize it, days have passed without my recollection. Hours of pure ecstasy in the coffee shop today. My friend Walt and I (not Whitman, but I’d consider him a friend too) speaking about nothing and everything, solving the world’s problems, minus the alcohol and bar stools. (Think about this: Bar stool Philosophers… get it?) And so now that all of the problems have been solved, we’re just need to be implementing the changes… yeah…hmm. OOOOH I rented a movie, as recommended to me by my friend—Amelie, that’s the name of the movie, not my friend. It’s a French film from my understanding, but am told that every scene is pure poetry… ❤ Snap, pop, ping, ping, I can’t wait, but it’s like the times of alcohol addiction when coming down wanting to eat,…waiting, holding out as long as I can until I enjoy eating, and like so, I am writing you to all and letting the desire and urge build up inside of me until I pop in the DVD and watch it, taking everything in, getting lost in the moment, for however long the film will allow me to be lost in eternity. Summertime, summertime, ahhh yes, the women come out of hibernation to let me know that they still exist, such sweet bliss, though some people looked angry and pissed off and downright frightening, but it would have been strange if I tried to give them a hug.  And almost better than the physical beauty to be found just by sitting around watching without any expectations, just being open to what you see, like how the sea off possibilities–is finding out that you have a $1 credit on your account to rent a movie! Although some would appear to be a Venus Fly Trap, luring you in with their guile and sweet smelling scents–but even the prostitutes walking down the street looked peaceful today, some guy with big ass hair and a cane, people just walking around and smiling, yeah, today was a good day. It wasn’t even that hot at all, and I did end up sleeping in longer than I had planned to, but it was well worth it because I’ve been on a bender just writing and writing, but ah, hell, school coming up again, why is it and how is it already Sunday? I miss the days of the week the casino had these type of discount days, like $1 blackjack and I could go in and play for my car’s gas money, or when there were $3 craps and how $30 could buy you ten bets, instead of the 6 it does now. Hell, I miss having a woman to carry around on my arm, but soon enough I’m sure, maybe, I don’t know. That sounds like a lot of work, so maybe not now. It’s fucked up that everything seems to tie back into a wanting for love, perhaps to be loved above anything else. OOOOOH that reminds me, I’m excited to be going to a poetry read on Friday, it’s a one year anniversary of Speak Poet. My friend hosts it…so if you’re in the Albuquerque area, and you’d like to be a part of audience? It’s at El Chante: Casa De Cultura, near Central and 8th. I think it starts at 7:00 pm, or maybe that’s just when I show up. I’m pretty sure it’s 7pm though. Maybe I’ll read, or get a chance to read, I duno, but, if I do, I’ll probably be reading from Scribbles and a new one from Jet Lag. Anyhow, maybe I’ll see you there, or not, I duno. Much love everyone <3.

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