What’s up, beaches?

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What’s up, beaches? This is just an update from your lovable and a little eccentric author, the me, the Volatalistic Phil. I figured I’d drop you all a line, let you know what was up.

School is going well–taking two classes instead of four makes an amazing difference! I’m taking English and Math this term and I’m exercising both sides of my brain at the same time, for once! I absolutely love my classes this term! I’ve met some amazing people and it is so much fun! And yours truly, decided to ask a gal to have some coffee and was shot down horribly. But that’s okay, because even that was exciting! She now acts as if I have the plague when I see her in class, but that’s all right too, because I guess she’s not the target market. Perhaps you’ll get to read about that in Jet Lag. Speaking of target markets, thank you to everyone who took advantage of my Scribbles promotion; thank you to the USA, the United Kingdom, and Germany–I love you all!

There’s more good news–I’m actually graduating this term! It’s hard to believe I’m going to be getting a degree, though it’s an Associate’s Degree; I’m still kind of excited about it. It doesn’t mean I’m done with school, nor am I ready to pursue my Bachelors either–I’ve just been taking so many classes that I’m now collecting degrees as I’m pursuing my English degree. The really awesome part is that because I’ll be receiving my degree this term, I’m getting a scholarship to foot the bill! Had I known that I would have taken four classes! It was a pleasant surprise though, considering that I was going to take the summer term off.

I’ve started cycling again and I’m loving it. I’m doing about 60-65 miles a week and it’s awesome, except for when I almost ate shit the other day in a crosswalk, when someone who wasn’t paying attention came flying around a corner and almost hit me. So maybe you’ll get to read about that in Jet Lag.

Ohhhh, yeah… Jet Lag. Well, I’ve been working on another book of poetry and I’m calling it Jet Lag. It is more poetry, proetry, and that’s all that I’ll say about it for now, but I hope to keep amusing my readers. Naturally, this will be with a twist of Volatalistic Phil, with a little more tongue-in-cheek, drunk stories, a little more knife in the back, and a little more unstable. I’m also working on other projects, including my novel about my homeless experience. Here’s one from Jet Lag:


Another Saturday Evening

So drunk that my urine

may be flammable

And though I should stop,

I find I’m unable

There is a desire to get plowed,

just like the farm fables

And though work comes soon—

this wanting, I can’t stable


So I drink—all that

I’m capable

And make love to a

sweet red hair sable

And we wobble and turn,

like an uneven table

Now on top, feeling like

I’m suspended by cables—

a feeling that goes accepted,

without any labels


And retire my body,

against the water table,

to be caressed all night,

by the sticky maple


Then I go to work, still drunk,

but able

This is the life for me, but

to my health and soul—a tally table

Much Love, ❤

Volatalistic Phil

Copyright © 2012 Volatalistic Phil

All rights reserved.


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