Scribbles FREE on 5/24/12-5/28/12

Hello everyone, it’s me again. I’m letting you know today that Scribbles is going to be FREE on Amazon this weekend. It is another piece of me that you can have, if you want, you are welcome. It is from 5/24 to 5/28, I’m letting you know in advance so please save the dates! Love it or hate it, feel free to articulate, and you are under no obligation to participate in my free giveaway, but I would appreciate if you might designate your time to your e-reader so that Scribbles, it will illuminate. It is not often that I can offer to you Scribbles for free again, so please download it this weekend, otherwise it will be months, and months, before I am allowed to again make that decision. I appreciate you all, from a spot deep and within, and I appreciate the time you have given to this post for reading. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Scribbles makes its eBook debut with the new moon. And if you take a look below, you just might get another sneak peek, or a few. ( is the link to get Scribbles free 5/24/12-5/28/12)

This One’s for You, A-word

What has she done to wrong you so?

Why do you call and hang-up—for show?

Do you know she hangs her head in sorrow?

Are you the bloke that cunningly gloats?

This woman’s tears—enough to fill a mote

Had I known this I’d have brought a boat

But you, the man who floats—

I assume you as stubborn as a goat

Stop the press—stop the show

This woman can’t handle no more

When will you let failed love run its course?

She is at the mercy of your discourse

I wish you could feel the grit of tears so coarse

It might be time to move on—for better or worse

It’s time to stop beating a dead horse


Needing a Bottle

Pick the scab bleeding again

Baby wants a bottle, he’s teething again

Pull the stitches, loosen the skin

Baby wants a bottle, he needs a friend

Tug away and allow the air in

Baby wants a bottle, just a sip will do him

Push away the opening and watch it begin

Baby wants a bottle, such a soft sin

Toss away, it’s flowing again

Baby needs a bottle, his body is craving

Pour away, the bottle of red—filled to the brim


Window Shopping

Tight shirt

Even tighter pants

Soft silky skin, and

manicured hands

A beautiful painted face

My heart will race again

False advertisement

Something I can’t have

Stars exploding with you around

I’d love to undress you,

to see what could be found

Physically—a wonderful investment

Emotionally—you’ll fill me with resentment

Not something I can’t have,

just something I can’t afford


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