Congratulations to the winners!

I’d like to congratulate the winners of my giveaway for White Elephant and Flash Fiction 40+1: New Mexican Bread Aisle (courtesy of  I’d like to thank everyone for their interest and for taking the time to enter into the contest, the sort of digital cake walk that it is, but only no cake. I shipped all of the items out today, so if you’re one of the fortunate winners, expect your book very soon.

Oddly enough, a friend of mine, that lives in the same city, that I just had a math class with in this semester, that just ended–won a copy of White Elephant. And while he attributes that success to The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, and while that may be true, I still maintain that it is because I have the best readers. So thank you everyone, thank you for being the best readers that an author can have.

On a side note, I’m still making more progress with volume 2 of Flash Fiction 40+1 series and if all things go well, I’m hoping, at most, two months to have it out–don’t quote me on that, that’s just tentative!

On yet another side note, Scribbles is nearing completion–I am formatting for the new paperback and will soon be formatting for the eBook and after that–publication, but that is still at least a month to two months out, again, tentatively. I hope, like all of my publications, that Scribbles will be well received. It is more haiku, senryu, poems, and extended poems weighing around 1,200 words. I’m going to go dance around now. I leave you with a sneak peek.

Much Love,

Volatalistic Phil

From Scribbles:

The Stray

I found a stray horse the other day,

she was well-groomed, having a bright coat of grey

A young horse that must have ran away

Perhaps someone is searching for her—she’s not a stray

Well, maybe I could take her home to stay,

And perhaps in time things will be okay

Is it possible she’s just wandering and I’m wrong,

and she has a home, but doesn’t feel she belongs?

Would it be right if even for me to say,

that maybe she really is better off this way?

I fear that if I do take her home,

that it will be hard to fully appreciate, or know,

how things might have felt, had she been bought or sold

But it isn’t right, and she runs and doesn’t stroll

All the while she’ll have me saying whoa, Nellie, whoa

A wild horse can’t be tamed, and to the road she’ll go

I found a stray horse the other day,

and though it pains me to say—it’s better to just wave

Copyright © 2012 Volatalistic Phil All Rights Reserved.



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