White Elephant available now!

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Hellooo! I’ve got some exciting news, well, I think it’s exciting! White Elephant has just made its debut in eBook and physical format! In addition to this news, Flash Fiction 40+1: New Mexican Bread Aisle is now available in paperback! On top of this, I just received my first royalty payment. I finally sold enough books in 6 months to earn a royalty! Below you will be able to see the big bucks that I made!


I am pleased to announce that White Elephant is available in eBook and in paperback! There are over 120 writings. There are some short stories, poems, haiku, observations, writings, and some images. I’ve started the eBook off at $0.99 and the physical copy at the really low price of $4.39. Available @ Amazon.com : White Elephant now!

The eBook had an extensive amount of editing to make it an attractive read, and on top of that, a regular table of contents was added to supersede the menu one (because the menu one appears to have some type of a cap of around 50 on it).

(For a full description please see the ‘White Elephant’ menu tab)

Flash Fiction 40+1: New Mexican Bread Aisle

I know there have been some of you fabulous readers who have asked for a physical copy of it, and some of you have even been persistent about it, which is truly an amazing feeling, but now the wait is over! I might have been “slacking” when it came to getting this publication to paperback, in fact I produced White Elephant during that time–but I wanted to make sure that my readers had the very best experience, and I just wanted to make sure that I felt it was ready. I have decided to make the starting price at the insanely low price of $3.79!

Available @ Amazon.com : Flash Fiction 40+1: New Mexican Bread Aisle now! or here if paperback isn’t displaying on the other link.

(For a full description please see the ‘FF 40+1’ menu tab)


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After having been in the “game” for about six months I have finally moved enough volume to have earned a royalty, and still I’m thankful for it, and I still have the best readers any author could have. I’m going to go find some homeless people and buy them some food. Fuck it, can’t take it with you when you’re “gone,” right?


Volatalistic Phil


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