What I’m doing…

Hello everyone! I haven’t posted a blog in a while so I thought I’d drop you all a line. Volatalistic is well on his way to insanity. Just kidding, it’s not so bad. I have my full schedule and I’m taking an IT, Math, Philosophy, and a Spanish class. There are so many gorgeous women in school that it has me going cross-eyed trying to look at all of them. Ahh yes, women, the 8th wonder of the world. I have so many books that barely fit in my old backpack that has followed me for 12 years! I don’t want to give up the backpack, but its bulging so much that I’m walking around like a camel. I look like a turtle. I’ve got a hunch, but not like that. (Good fun Victor Hugo, good fun.)

I just got done doing a book giveaway on Goodreads.com and it went very well, I think. I hadn’t done one of those before. I’m excited to see what the readers will think, they aren’t ‘my readers’ yet, but we’ll see! I’m grateful for everyone taking the time to drop me a line even if it’s just idle chit chats. I’m grateful for those of you that have read some or one of my publications–it means a lot. I’m grateful for all of you.

I’ve been working on a new novel about an apocalyptic world, and I haven’t the foggiest idea when it’ll be finished, let alone when it’ll be out. I’ll soon be releasing another twisting short story that I hope my audience will enjoy. I’m also working on the 2nd Installment of Flash Fiction 40+1 series. I’d also like to make an “all ages” compilation for my readers that enjoy my stories, but for those who may want to dodge any taboo subjects or coarse language and or violence. As far as volume 2 in the FF 40+1 Series, I’m really hoping that sometime in February or early March that it’ll be good to go with both volumes on paperback, (and of course eBook). I know that some people have requested a paperback and I’d love to get it to you, but its just taking a little while. So just know it is on my mind, along with what seems like a million other things. I have plans to do a giveaway for both of the FF 40+1 volumes on Goodreads.com but I’ll let you know in advance when that is going to be. Well, I’ve got a date with a cup of coffee and this laptop, so I’ll talk to you later.

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Much Love,

Volatalistic Phil


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