I almost won the lottery & I’m feeling inspired

After having read a post from a fellow author, who I consider to be a friend, or an e-friend, or someone I know anyway, and in combination of almost winning the lottery, I felt like writing you all an update on everything that is Volatalistic.  With much respect; you can check out her blog, Amy Bartol’s blog:  http://amyabartol.weebly.com/

So what is it like to almost win the lottery and not the lottery? It’s a lot like the feeling of someone eating your lunch at work. That empty, sinking feeling, that you’re missing out on something. It is also similar to adolescence and growing up, missing that special thing that you’ve never had, but may be dying to. I digress, it’s not so bad, but I had to laugh at it tonight. I could have chose the other options that would have netted me anywhere from $60-$333, but I didn’t, I made my best bet at the time. Sure, if I would have chosen 7,3,9 instead of 3,7,9 that would have netted $500. I could have gotten angry over losing out on $500. $500 is $500, and when you’re nurturing “delusions of grandeur” as wanting to become a popular author, whilst in poverty–that is a lot of money. “You’re not in poverty, you have a computer, you have this, you have that…” If for some reason you should doubt it, which is fine, check the Census.gov website, though I will not tell you which bracket I fall into, I assure you, it is poverty.

This is Volatalistic. What is Volatalistic in your world?

But that is not what I am directly wanting to talk with you about.  Getting back to delusions, I don’t think it is a delusion, but have been told so by a couple of people. So let us take a moment to analyze that. If a person from a third world country wishes to someday have a house constructed from brick and wood, while currently living in mud, adobe or even straw huts; in that context, is that person entertaining “delusions of grandeur”? To want to win the lottery and attain fortune, is that a delusion? Is wanting to go to college and get a degree that could double your income, a delusion?

Writing, in a sense, is a lot like playing the lottery. I have recently released my second book, which is an anthology of 41 flash fiction short stories. A couple of months before that, I released my first Novel. And I have plans to release more books. Thus far, I have been lucky and blessed to even have few people take an interest in my writings, and I truly feel honored. And even though it hasn’t been a great number of people, I have to get excited about that. I am excited when faced with even greater odds than the lottery by comparison. So even though I lost the lottery tonight, I am still a winner. I get excited because I’ve merely gotten the losses out of the way ahead of time and now there is room for more wins. So to those of you who took a moment to read my blog, and other people in the world, I hope that you can lose the lottery too, because you can’t know winning unless you’ve known losing, and we are all winners, even when we’re losers. So please never stop, playing the “lottery.”

I played these numbers on the 27th, and the above photo is from the drawing on the 28th.  So, as you can see, I’m getting closer. 😉



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