My Mind’s Abyss FREE on 12/18/2011! (Tomorrow)

My Mind's Abyss

Hello everyone! I just wanted to happily announce that my book, My Mind’s Abyss, (ebook) will be free tomorrow on I ask that should you decide to grace me with the opportunity to entertain you, that if you could find it in you to please leave a review for the book. The review will help in letting people know what you thought about my book (good or bad, but hopefully good!) and help to attract more people to share the book with.

My Mind’s Abyss(Transgressional Fiction) Have you ever wondered what the life of an addict was like? Take a journey with one troubled person into the unknown. Experience the many ups and downs of life while on a path towards enlightenment. Could there be more to life than just sex, drugs, crime and parties? Dive into the abyss with the life of an alcoholic and enjoy a non-stop, humorous, thrill ride that will stun you. Take a look through the eyes of a troubled person that decided to face reality and get sober. Contained is a raw story with some sometimes harsh opinions and views.

So to recap, tomorrow on 12/18/2011, My Mind’s Abyss will be a FREE Amazon Kindle ebook. Be sure and tell your friends, please! Thank you for your time and the opportunity to entertain you. Get your copy for free at Amazon Tomorrow!

Much Love,
Volatalistic Phil



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