August Update 2014

Hey everyone, just stopped by to drop you a line. This is your August 2014 update. 

Whats New?

The Transient, Flash Fiction 40+1: New Mexican Bread Aisle get’s an update, Phil goes to school, name embrace, My Mind’s Abyss Book #2

The Transient: The story based on my homeless experience just got a little closer to coming out. I just sent out for a second edition proof and should be getting it back soon. I’ll go through the book, edit it again, and finish the cover and hopefully soon after that I’ll release it. I’d be interested in sending out some advanced copies to some loyal readers if they’d be willing to reply to me with some honest feedback about the book. Contact me on Twitter if interested. @Volatalistic

Flash Fiction 40+1: New Mexican Bread Aisle becomes Flash Fiction 40 and will no longer be part of an ongoing series of flash fiction books. I did this for a few reasons–ever notice that sometimes I’m too damn complicated? The book will be getting a new, hopefully better cover than the one it currently has, and some much needed changes and updates. The title change will hopefully encourage more people to give the book a chance and understand that it’s flash fiction stories and not something related to Mexico?? When I wrote that book it was in a short amount of time after I wrote My Mind’s Abyss and I was on the same binge of trying to write stuff quickly, so as a result there was a ton of errors. I’ve been learning and practicing writing more and more ever since my first novel and feel that I’m getting better at it. So, I decided because I actually like that book, it deserves better than what I gave it. I’ve been going through each of the stories and rewording and editing and slightly changing them up a bit in order to fine tune them and make them more reader-friendly. The ebook version will be released within a week of the paperback version, but will also feature four new images added to the stories.

Phil Goes to School: Yep, it’s true. I’m in school, again, and I’m currently enrolled in an EMT program. I’m pretty stoked about it and one week of school is done, only. whoever knows how many more. 

Name Embrace: Volatalistic, Vol-uh-tah-lis-tic. Volatalistic. What, you can’t pronounce or spell the made-up word? Really? Yeah, okay. So yeah, I’m Phil Volatile. On all my books I’ve put Volatalistic Phil, in hopes to use Volatalistic as a label of sorts, but it seems like it causes grief. I meet people who can’t pronounce or spell it–and I don’t blame them–but I think I should make things easier. In search engine keywords I see that people are trying to find me too, but they misspell the word. So, as a result of all of this (and the huge amount of cover space it takes up) I’ve decided to start branding my books with my author name: Phil Volatile. This doesn’t mean I’ll be changing previous books, just the books moving forward (this includes Flash Fiction 40). 

My Mind’s Abyss book #2: (My Mind’s Abyss: Aftermath (The Art of Dying) I’m still… working… on… it… and it’s proving to be more difficult than I thought. The whole book is there and I’m scared to release it. I’m afraid it won’t hold up. It’s not written in the kamikaze style that the first book was written in and I’m afraid people won’t like it. I feel like maybe it’s too long. It’s over 300 pages and that’s frightening for me. I’ll keep you posted about it.


Much Love and thanks for reading! You’re all hall of fame to me!

Thank you to everyone who continues to love and support me! Thank you God! Thank you to Amazon and every Amazon market and their corresponding countries. We’re worldwide and my books have made it to: Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Japan, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, India, Brazil, United Kingdom.

Phil Volatile


Summer Dress

Summer Dress


Sitting across the patio

is a seedless sunflower

wearing a thin summer dress

Her nectar is so sweet that

all the bees stare, hoping

for a chance to pollinate


I’d fly over beside her,

and lifting her skirt,

I’d spread her petals and

force I’d exert


But once done, I’d

smell my fingers and

walk away, and she’d

mean nothing to me,

and I’d still feel

alone, and



© Volatalistic Phil 2013, Crushed Black Velvet

My Mirror

My Mirror


There’s a gnat flying

around in the depths of

my stomach, trying

hard not to be shit

out the other side,

and his wings

are fueled by

hopes and dreams


And all the rejections

and heartaches and

emotional pains I’ve

had to swallow,

comes down like a

hail storm of broken

glass for the only

part of me left that

still feels like it’s flying


But I can’t stop

chewing on my mirror

because it tastes like

nothing I’ve ever had

before, and it keeps me

going back for seconds


© Copyright Volatalistic Phil 2013, Crushed Black Velvet

3 years sober & update

Okay…so I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted a blog. I know, shame on me right? Oi. Friends, life doesn’t stop. Everything keeps moving and lately I’m feeling so low. I’m feeling so small and shit going on lately, a relationship ending, bullshit with cops…I just it’s been a journey these past few months.

I left because they valued this shit more than me and their own life


On the 11th of May, like every Mother’s Day, I was sober again. This time friends, it’s been three years. Does it feel different? Yeah, I guess. I still miss my vices at times, but I know that it’s nonsense and is a way to die and not live. I just choose not to be that person anymore. It gets lonely, like now, I feel so alone and lonely. I have friends and what not, but sometimes I think about the substances and how they were comforting, but I know I’m just telling myself lies. It’s like when you get out of a toxic relationship (which I’ve recently just done) you make up excuses for the relationship and you glamorize it and you highlight all the good parts. The bottom line: —————->>> Clean & sober is the only way to be.

Enough of the sad shit, right?

I just bought a new motorcycle–a 2007 Honda Shadow VT1100. She’s so pretty and is sooo much fun to ride. By the grace of God I was able to pull it off and my payments are pretty low, which is great for a starving artist like myself. (I just picked up a second job as a waiter, aside from getting tips, the best part is–they feed you!)

I went shopping!


Meet the twins!


Road trip to see mom!



Made it!


Does my balaclava make me look creepy or like a ninja or both?


I had this for lunch today!


Oh, & i’ve got a new fucking book out if anyone’s interested!


White Wedding Lies, and Discontent: An American Love Story on Amazon.

Phil Volatile

My Mind’s Abyss (Suicide Edition) Free on Kindle!

mmase_coverHey everyone in preparation for the sequel that’s soon to be released, and as a Thanksgiving / early Christmas gift, My Mind’s Abyss (Suicide Edition) is FREE on Amazon #Kindle from 11/22/13 until 11/26/13. You don’t need a kindle to download it–just the #Amazon Kindle app!

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If you don’t spread the word, Godzilla might kick your ass.


Much <3,

-Phil Volatile